My Services


I provide small businesses with Bookkeeping and Process Organizing  required for accurate records.  I will perform assessments, implement new procedures and transform your processes to simplify your business bookkeeping.


  • Consulting
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable
  • Account Reconciliations
  • QuickBooks Set-up/3 levels Available
  • Whole Sale Pricing when QuickBooks is set through me
  • Training for Owner and Staff
  • Convert Current Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Services


  • Guide on an as-needed basis
  • Manage on a scheduled basis
  • Project Based

Misc. Services

  • 1099 Services, print and e-file with the IRS
  • Notary Services

2018 Pricing

I offer Value Pricing packages that is tailored for your business.  

What that means for you and your business is that your a getting the best bookkeeping value for your one of kind business.

Value Packages Start at $150 per month and then is tailored for your business needs.

Quickbooks Set up fee  - $300

Quickbooks desktop to Quickbooks Online fee - $175.00

Quickbooks Clean Up/Catch up - $500 per year that needs to be cleaned up/caught up

*Adviser Package:

  1. Enter your own transactation
  2. I reconcile your bank accounts(monthly)
  3. Up to 10 emails and phone calls with questions per month
  4. May or may not include QB Online fee

*Middle of the Road Package 1:

  1. I either pull or you send me your monthly bank statement
  2. I will enter transaction and reconcile each account.
  3. Up to 15 emails and phones per month
  4. May or may not include QBO fee.

*Middle of the Road 2:

  1. Same as Middle of the Road 1
  2. Includes QBO fee
  3. Unlimited emails and phone calls
  4. If you do payroll in house, I will assist with Monthly & Quarterly Payroll taxes.
  5. W-2 & 1099 Service
  6. Year End adjustments for your CPA

*All In Package:

  1. Unlimted Bookkeeping including but not limited to: entering transactions, reconciling accounts, Payroll, Pay and file payroll taxes monthly /quarterly, Pay sales tax, if applies, problem solving.
  2. Unlimited emails and phone calls
  3. Year end adjustments for your CPA
  4. Includes QBO and QB Payroll Fees
  5. W-2 and 1099 Service

Income Tax Services

  1. Simple Returns:  1040 or 1040EZ, less than 5 W2 or 1099s. No Schedules, and includes 1 state.   $75.00
  2. Advance Returns:  1040, 1 schedule, EIC, less than 5 W2s or 1099s.  $150
    State Return add $30
  3. Complex Return:  1040, Schedule A, C, or D, EIC, less than 5 W2s or 1099s.  $200
    Add $30 for each state return

More than 5 W2/1099s will be $5.00 each added to the above prices.